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Regarding photography (especially the B&W photography), it is said that photography is a game of lights and shades. On the similar line we can say life on earth is a game of days and nights. We live our life almost 50% in the light and 50% in the dark. So, both are equally important for us. For human beings, normal tendency is to work in the day time and have a rest in the night. Day is a broader term. It’s not just the time span between Sunrise and Sunset. In fact, the complete 24 hours cycle is termed as a Day of which night is one of the parts.
The Night – that is the time span between sunset and sunrise can be divided into three parts namely – evening, midnight and early morning. Compare to day time people are free or relaxed in the night time. Hence, it’s the apt time for entertainment, music, etc. In good old days, when there were no time restrictions the music concerts, Sangeet Natak, Mushayaras, etc. used to run for the whole night and conclude in the early morning. Obviously if you look at the film songs you will find more songs on night compare to the day time.
Today, in this article I would like to take you to a night tour enjoying various flavors of emotions depicted from some selected night songs penned by Kaviraj Shailendra.

In this night journey moon is our obvious companion and is well related to the romance and love. Needless to say, he is poets’ favourite. There are ‘n’ number of songs relating to moon. So, let’s enjoy two romantic songs relating to moon. In both the songs the situation is the same however the attitude of the characters is different. Why? That I will explain later, first enjoy the songs.

Friends, on a lighter note I would say these two songs perfectly describes the distinction between dating with Girlfriend and dating with Wife
In the first song, Raj Kapoor is with his girlfriend so the approach is obviously gentle.
Dil Ko Churake Kho Mat Jana, Rah Na Jana Bhool
In Kadamon Se Kuchal Na Dena Mere Dil Ka Phool …..

Now, in the second song, let’s see what husband says to his wife –
Aap Ka Kya Gaya Phool Sa Dil Mera Kuchal Kuchal Gaya …..

My next song is again having some connection with the moon. But here the mood is totally different. I will say this is a song with mixed emotions. For the instance, let’s assume that you have not seen this movie, you are not aware of the film situation, you have not heard the song before and you come across the plain lyrics of the song –

Pehle Milan Ki Yaaden Lekar Aayi Hai Ye Raat Suhani
Doharate Hain Phir Ye Sitare Meri Tumhari Prem Kahani …..

Now, what will be your first impression? Obviously, you will say this is a romantic song. But, friends, now look at the film situation. Can you say this is really a romantic song? Of course, the answer is NO. So here lyrics are saying something romantic and the composition is creating pathos. Isn’t seem to be mismatching? Yes, there is a mismatch. But I would say, this is an intentional mismatch. This exactly the requirement of the film situation. Both the characters in the song want to create some romantic mood and both are fully aware that they cannot. So, I can say, this is a sad song with a slight romantic shade in the backdrop. A truly masterpiece song from the film Dil Ek Mandir.

Mysterious atmosphere is another shade of night. I like all the mysterious, suspense and horror films.
Some times it happens that, the things which are crystal clear in the day time suddenly look mysterious in the night. This is because of the delusion on account of low visibility. Similarly, there is a mental illness called Dissociative Identity Disorder (or Multiple Personality Disorder) where a person behaves differently in the day and night times. Film ‘Raat Aur Din’ is based on the story of such a patient. In this film, see how beautifully and easily Shailendra has described the mental state of the patient.
Raat Aur Din Ke Ye Do Chehere
Kab Tak Pehnu Kuch To Keh Re
Kaun Main Kya Hoon
Such Hoon Ke Saya Hoon …..
Awara Aye Mere Dil
Jane Kahan Hai Teri Manzil …..

At 12 midnight, officially the date changes. It’s time to go to sleep and have a complete rest. So, it’s an apt time for Lori.
There, is a specialty of Shailendra’s writings. You need not see the visuals; you need not listen to the song as well. Just read the lyrics and the whole scenario is in front of your eyes.
So Gaya Chaman-Chaman, So Gayi Kali-Kali
So Gaye Hain Sab Nagar, So Gayi Gali-Gali …..

It is said that – You Dream What You Desire. When you desperately needed something, you start dreaming for it.
When you are in a love and your partner is away, the feeling of loneliness is called ‘Virah’. Obviously, the impact of this ‘Virah’ is more in the night time. Now, let’s consider two situations from the two different films namely – Rajhath & Amrapali.
In Rajhath, Madhubala says –
Mere Sapane Mein Aana Re Sajana Mere Sapane Mein aana Re …..

But, now, the problem is – Jab Aankhon Mein Neend Hi Nahi To Sapane Kahan Se Aayenge? But, again Kaviraj has given solution for this.
In Amrapali, Vaijayantimala says –
Viraha Ki Is Chita Se Tum Hi Mujhe Nikalo
Jo Tum Na Aa Sako To Mujhe Swapna Mein Bulalo …..

From Amrapali’s Vaishali empire of Bihar let’s fly to the most colourful and romantic city of the world where the night itself is so intoxicating that one need not go for alcohol. Hence, Kaviraj says –
Raat Ne Pyar Ke Jaam Bharkar Diye
Aankhon Aankhon Se Jo Maine Tumane Piye …..

Jhoomati Aa Rahi Hai Subah Pyar Ki …..
So, friends, we are now in the third and last phase of the night. i.e. Early morning. It’s time to say good bye to the twinkling stars in the sky. Soon they are going to disappear in the morning light.
Sitaron Ne Mooh Pher Kar, Kaha Alvida Humsafar
Chala Karavan Ab Chala …..

Friends, finally the night is coming to an end and dawn is at our doorsteps. Here I remember a beautiful lesson taught by our professor for accountancy. Today, even after about twenty-five years it is absolutely clear in my mind. Usually while solving the accountancy problem we used to go on tallying each account by writing balancing figure as the closing balance. As far as exam point is concerned this is the correct way of solving the problem. However, according to our respected professor, this is not the correct approach. According to him, one should always bring down that figure as the opening balance for the next period. Because, business is a going concern and accounts writing is a continuous process.
Similarly, life on earth is also a going concern. When night ends – day starts and when day ends – night starts. For every end there is always a beginning of something new.
With this optimistic and progressive approach, I would like to conclude this article with a song of new hopes – a song of new beginning.
No matter how was your night, but at the end everybody is thirsty for the morning light. Because, like water and oxygen, Sun light is also an essential thing for our survival.
Kiran Pari Gagari Chalakaye
Jyot Ka Pyasa Pyas Bujhaye
Phool Bane Man Ke angare …..
Jago Mohan Pyare …..


  1. Roma Wani

    December 6, 2019 at 11:33 am

    Swapneel has made the darkness of night bright by the numbers selected and brought existence to life by showing how important each moment is!
    His photographic eye is also prominent in the many shades he has brought to life inspite of beginning with the black and white.
    Thank you for sharing!

    • Swapneel

      December 9, 2019 at 11:25 am

      Thank you so much

  2. Dilip Apte

    December 6, 2019 at 6:37 pm

    Swapneel – simply superb

    • Swapneel

      December 9, 2019 at 11:28 am

      Thank you so much

  3. SANDEEP Rathod

    December 7, 2019 at 12:38 pm

    Very good swapneel… Making this playlist right away

    • Swapneel

      December 9, 2019 at 11:30 am

      Thank you so much

  4. Dilip Apte

    December 10, 2019 at 11:13 am

    Swapneel going through your blog – Night Songs by Shailendra I find that there is an error . Raat ke humsafar thak ke ghar ko chale is penned by Hasrat Jaipuri and not Shailendra

  5. Dilip Apte

    December 10, 2019 at 12:47 pm

    Ignore this comment after our talk Swapneel. I don’t know how to delete it

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