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Oh These Threads Of Desire – Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage – Dum Laga Ke Haisha

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Moh moh ke dhaage….
Oh these threads of desire…

The song starts with the piano setting the mood for a romantic song, along with the shehnayi which is so synonymous with wedding in India, the union of two hearts and souls. It is followed by the flute, symbolising the continuous flow of emotions in the heart. The notes of which resemble the breath; going up and down while thinking about the beloved.

Silently the heart accepts that my thoughts are constantly revolved around you, my love. It took a lot of courage to accept this fact, but here I am talking about my feelings towards you. Although I did not realize in the beginning that I love you, in fact even like you but eventually the threads of my desire took me to my love…

Set in the 1990’s this film deals with the prejudice involved during selection of a bride in India. Prem (Ayushman Khurana) who is married to Sandhya (Bhumi Pednekar) is initially not happy with the match that his parents have forced him to marry. He misses no chance to express his disinterest in the girl; even insulting her at times. The poor girl, after many efforts to save the marriage, gives in to the constant humiliation and decides to end it herself and goes off to her mother’s house.

It is during this period of time that Prem realizes his feelings towards his wife and starts missing her. Her absence, the void that it creates in his house and his mind, makes him aware of his true feelings for her that he has actually started liking her; no, loving her..

Yeh moh moh ke dhaage teri ungaliyon se ja uljhe
Koi toh toh na laage kis tarah girah ye suljhe
Hai rom rom ik taara jo baadalon mein se guzare

These threads of my desire are entangled in your fingers
They have formed a knot around you and I am clueless about how to open it
Every little pore of my body feels like a star that has just passed through a cloud

Prem then wonders that even after insulting Sandhya so many times, she managed to keep her dignity and still tried saving the marriage and make him happy in her own way. In spite of him being difficult so often, she chose him over everything.. Oh she must be a little crazy, he smiles..

Tu hoga zara paagal tune mujhko hai chuna
Kaise tune ankahaa, tune ankahaa sab suna
Tu hoga zara paagal tune mujhko hai chuna
Tu din sa hai main raat aa na dono mil jaaye shaamo ki tarah

You must be a little crazy as you have chosen me to be your partner
Look how you heard everything that I did not even utter
You really must be a little crazy, a little out of this world to choose me
Although we are poles apart from each other
You are like the day and I am like the night
Come let us meet like the beautiful romantic evening where the day meets the night

He says he was never so carefree in his life. Her presence has made him carefree and bold at the same time. Because he now trusts her and loves her and that makes him a different person now. He has found a destination.. its her!

Ki aisa beparvah mann pehle toh na tha
Chitthiyon ko jaise mil gaya, jaise ik nayasa pata
Khaali raahein, hum aankh mooned jaaye
Pohonche kahin toh bevajah

My heart was never this carefree before meeting you
It feels as if my letters have found a new address in you
Now I am treading this unknown path with my eyes closed
Hoping to reach somewhere without any reason

The piano keys, the flute and Papon’s voice slowly build up the crescendo and take the song to a different level altogether and then slowly bringing it down, calm the heart a little. The hide n seek of the flute with the piano is wonderful to listen to.

Anu Malik has composed this song in a very different manner. It is out of his typical scores and is really very soothing to the ears. Singer Papon’s voice gives a little edge to it and he is able to bring the feelings of sadness, desperation, love and longing mixed into one.

This song also has a female version sung by Monali Thakur for which she received the National Award for the best female singer. It is different than this version in terms of lyrics of the second stanza.

Ki teri jhoothi baatein main saari maan loon
Aankhon se tere sach sabhi sab kuchh abhi jaan loon
Tez hai dhaara behte se hum aawaara
Aa tham ke saansein le yahaan

I will listen to all your lies as if they were true
And while listening to your stories let me decipher the actual truth
We are flowing away without any direction in this flow of life
Let us take a pause here and breathe for a while

The heroine is asking the hero to accept the situation they are in and start life afresh. She asks him to take a breather from all the quarrels and mend ways and start living with a new goal in life and begin a new chapter together. This song features in the movie when Sandhya is trying to save her marriage and Prem is hell bent on not accepting her. We find the contrast in both the versions where the heroine is asking the hero to keep a new goal in mind and start life while staying in the marriage. On the other hand in the male version we see that later, the hero is in love with her and wants to go on an unknown path blindfolded as he has found her love. The contrast is not only of the lyrics and music but also shows the contrast of the two characters who are described as day and night.

Lyrics by Varun Grover beautifully explain the mesh of emotions that the heart weaves around it and being captive of one’s own love. The lyrics give soul to this melody. He won the National Award for best lyrics for this song in 2015.

Enjoy this melodious and soulful version by Papon…


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