The Ever-Youthful S P Balasubramaniam and the Always-Charming Salman Khan

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If you are still in love with Salman Khan of the 90s, this collection is for you. Salman Khan, the Bhai of Bollywood, started his career as a lovable boy next door – Prem. His official debut was in the movie Biwi Ho To Aisi but it was Maine Pyar Kiya that established Salman in Bollywood where he played the lead role for the first time in the biggest hit of his career. In 1990s, the era of drama and romantic comedy, Salman became the preferred choice of the producers. Since then there was no looking back.

The blockbuster soundtrack of Maine Pyar Kiya featured the legend SP Balasubramaniam as the on-screen voice of Salman Khan. The combination became an instant hit amongst masses, despite the fact that S.P. Balasubramaniam had a matured voice. He immediately became Salman Khan’s voice in Bollywood. Since then they constantly delivered hits in various movies including Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, Patthar Ke Phool and Saajan.There was a time when it was difficult for fans to accept any other singer as the voice for Salman Khan.

So let’s travel back to the 90s and listen to the melodious tunes of Salman Khan in the magical voice of the legend S.P. Balasubramaniam.

1.Mere Rang Mein – Maine Pyar Kiya (1989)

Mere Rang Mein Rangne Wali became a superhit song featuring Bhagyashree and Salman Khan. The amazing tune is composed by Raamlaxman and written by Asad Bhopali. The romantic voice of S.P. Balasubramaniam adds magic to the context of the tune. The video can be viewed here.

2. Saathiya Toone Kya Kiya – Love (1991)

This amazing composition still enjoys being in almost every romantic playlist of the fans. This powerful ballad features Revathi and Salman Khan in the romantic movie – Love. The song is composed by Anand Milind and written by the great noted lyricist Majrooh Sultanpuri. The K.S. Chitra & S. P. Balasubramaniam duet went on to become one of the biggest hits of the year. The video can be viewed here.

3. Pehla Pehla Pyar Hai – Hum Aapke Hain Koun…! (1994)

The beautifully shot romantic song featured the iconic on-screen pair of Madhuri Dixit and Salman Khan. The soothing song is composed by Raamlaxman and written by Dev Kohli. The soundtrack of the movie has many hit songs featuring S.P. Balasubramaniam. This was the second collaboration of the same team after grand success of Maine Pyar Kiya. The video can be viewed here.

4. Kabhi Tu Chhalia Lagta Hain – Patthar Ke Phool (1991)

This film marked the first time on screen pairing of the beautiful Raveena Tandon and Salman Khan. The soundtrack became immensely popular with S.P. Balasubramaniam singing every song in the album. The duet with Lata Mangeshkar is a dream sequence and the most part of the lyrics features film names, loosely based on the Ek Duke Ke Liye song style. Composed by Anand Milind, Ravinder Rawal gave us a song to remember even after celebrating 25th anniversary of the movie.The video can be viewed here.

5. Tum Se Milne Ki Tamanna Hai – Saajan (1991)

Tum Se Milne Ki Tamanna Hai is a hit song from the blockbuster Saajan. The funny video features Late Laxmikant Berde as Salman Khan’s help cum friend. The joy, anxiety, happiness and panic expressed by the voice of S.P. Balasubramaniam syncs completely with the expressions of the actor and the context of the movie. The song is written by Sameer and composed by Nadeem-Shravan.
The video can be viewed here.

6. Yeh Raat Aur Yeh Doori – Andaz Apna Apna (1994)

Yeh Raat Aur Yeh Doori is a hindi song from the 1994 movie Andaz Apna Apna. Sung by Asha Bhosle and S. P. Balasubramaniam is a funny video featuring Karishma Kapoor, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan and Raveena Tandon. The movie went on to become a cult classic. Written by Majrooh Sultanpuri, the music is directed by Tushar Bhatia. The video can be viewed here.

7. Aa Paas Aa To Zara – Chandra Mukhi (1993)

The duet by Kavita Krishnamurthy and S. P. Balasubramaniam features Late Sridevi and Salman Khan in a fantasy movie. The song is composed by Anand-Milind and written by Sameer. The video can be viewed here.

8. Hawa Mein Kya Hai – Jaagruti (1993)

A soothing duet by K.S. Chitra and S. P. Balasubramaniam, Hawa Mein Kya Hai features Karishma Kapoor along with Salman Khan. The melodious tune is composed by Anand-Milind and written by Sameer. The video can be viewed here.

There are many songs we could have included in this collection but we wanted to feature only one song from each movie. Hope you enjoyed the melodious journey, a revisit to the Salman Khan of the 90s.

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