The Superstar of Bollywood in Sixties – Jubilee Rajendra Kumar

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He is an actor with more than 80 movies to his credit, and has also made his name as a producer in Bollywood. Known by the title ‘Jubilee Kumar’ in the film industry, he made a big story during the era 1960s. The renowned actor and producer Rajendra Kumar was born 29th July in the year 1929.

Kumar was born in Sailkot, now in Pakistan, to a Punjabi Hindu family. During the Partition of India, his family migrated from Karachi to Mumbai, a city which established an identity for Kumar. In the initial days of film journey, Kumar assisted director H. S. Rawail for almost five years, before he got his first break in Kidar Sharma’s Jogan (1950) opposite to Dilip Kumar. It was a small role but nevertheless his performance caught the eye of the producer Devendra Goel who in turn gave Kumar his first break as a hero in the movie Vachan in the year 1955.

His fantastic performance as a supporting actor in the movie Mother India (1957) with actors like Nargis and Sunit Dutt, won him lots of accolades. Goonj Uthi Shehnai (1959) showcased the romantic actor in Kumar and from there on the industry saw the birth of a great star. He became a superstar whose six to seven movies ran for more than 25 weeks at the same time in the theatres which earned him the title ‘Jubilee Kumar.’ Dhool Ka Phool (1959), Dil Ek Mandir (1963), Mere Mehboob (1963), Sangam (1964), Arzoo (1965), Suraj (1966), Talash and Ganwaar (1970) are some of the hits in the records of the movies done by the actor.

Love Story (1981) produced by Kumar, marked the debut of his son Kumar Gaurav as an actor. He went on producing several movies there on featuring his son and besides producing the movie Phool (1993) he shared the screen too with his son.

Kumar was married to Shukla and had a son, Kumar Gaurav, who was a notable actor in the industry, and two daughters. Kumar was closely acquainted with Raj Kapoor and Sunil Dutt of the film industry. Suffering from cancer the actor died on 12th July 1999. Great people and their actions are never to be forgotten stories and so is the life of the great actor Rajendra Kumar who will always reside in the memory of his fans and Bollywood lovers.

Here sharing some hits tracks of Rajendra Kumar, only for you.

1) Rajendra Kumar crooning for Saira Banu while driving his jeep on those empty roads.


2) This is when the actor writes his ‘prem patra.’


3) Rajendra Kumar in the mood to tease Saira Banu in the movie Aayi Milan ki Bela.



4) The ‘roothna manana’ is an old story for the superstar.


5) Watch Rajendra Kumar and Nutan for the beautiful ‘Madhuban’ song

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