Yeh Zindagi… Episode 10

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The feeling of jealousy was killing Ayesha. She just could not get past the sight of Sumeet and Ritu together and how they looked calm and serene in each others’ company. There was another thing that she could not understand; why was she feeling jealous! Surely she was missing Sumeet but that feeling was not enough to justify the kind of anger and jealousy she was feeling. This was something that Ayesha had never felt in her life. She had started to slowly decipher these unknown feelings.
Ayesha had fallen in love and had fallen hard. She was happy that she had finally experienced this emotion but was sad that she would never get the guy she loved.

Ayesha decides that Sumeet needs to understand that she loves him. She consoles herself that he and Ritu are just good friends and have always been like that. She might have misread the whole situation and she was not going to keep her feelings to herself just because of a small misunderstanding. She decides to meet Sumeet the next day.

The next morning finds Ritu completely geared up to talk to Sumeet. He, on the other hand, becomes aware of the signals that Ritu had unknowingly given to him all this while. Finally he makes up his mind that he will go ahead with the union as Ritu had always been there for him. She was his best friend and can become a good life partner.

They both usually spent the evenings on the little balcony of Sumeet’s flat. It was a nice spot overlooking the street. Ritu comes near Sumeet and nervously starts speaking.

“Sumeet, there’s something I need to talk to you about.”
“I think I know Ritu. I know what is going on in your mind.”
“So what do you think we should do? How do you feel about the whole thing?”
Sumeet goes towards her and holds her hands.

In the meanwhile, Ayesha enters the street which leads to Sumeet’s apartment. She is full of hope and happiness that she would meet Sumeet and talk to him once again.

She reaches the building and looks up to make sure that it’s the correct one. She sees Sumeet and Ritu on the balcony. Holding each others’ hands, they looked very much in love with each other. Sumeet embraces Ritu as she smiles and cries at the same time. Ayesha, shocked, turns slowly and starts going back taking small steps; her eyes full of tears and face missing the smile that Ritu had on hers.

Ayesha curses herself for taking such a long time in realizing that she loved Sumeet. She had him right there, living with her. They were happy once and now that happiness was someone else’s.

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