Yeh Zindagi… Episode 4

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Months passed by and Sumeet’s life was running smoothly. He was constantly in touch with his lady love (although had not declared his love to her) and was enjoying work and his friendship with Ritu was growing into a strong bond every day. He had also got a promotion and had been transferred again to a new branch.

He wanted to tell this good news to Ayesha and had decided that this would be a good day to confess his love to her. Ayesha too seemed very excited on the phone; she too had some news for Sumeet. With high hopes, Sumeet went to meet her.

“Before you tell your news, I’m going to tell mine!” She was bubbling with excitement.
This was not how Sumeet had imagined the confession of love would be (he thought he would be the one to propose) but still he nodded his head in accent and smiled.
“I’m getting married to Aakash next month! The engagement ceremony is next week.” She almost screamed in excitement.

It took good two minutes for Sumeet to realize what just had happened. His world had crashed in front of him and broken into million little pieces. Ayesha hands him an invitation card, hugs him tightly and leaves. Sumeet is unable to read anything on the card, everything appears to be blur and he closes his eyes and tears roll down his eyes.

Sumeet, now completely broken down, is with Ritu.

“I was so sure that she will be mine; I assumed everything and waited so long to tell her.”
“If only I would have found my voice and talked to her earlier.”

Ritu is shattered to see Sumeet in this condition. She always knew that he loved Ayesha but today she knew how deep his love for her was.

The day of the engagement ceremony arrived and Sumeet had decided to go. Ritu had reluctantly agreed to accompany him. All dressed up, hand in hand they arrive at the venue. This was the first time that Ritu had seen Ayesha and instantly she understood why Sumeet loved Ayesha. Though she was not the most beautiful girl (and certainly not more beautiful than Ritu herself), there was something very sweet and homely about her that made her the most beautiful person.

Ayesha looked very happy and excited that day; whether she looked in love with her fiancé, Ritu could not tell. Despite madly in love with Sumeet herself, Ritu went and told him to take one last chance at love.

“Just go and tell her, you fool!” She said to Sumeet who was blankly staring at Ayesha.
To her surprise he gets up and goes to Ayesha.
“Congratulations and all the best for your future.” He says to her.
“Oh thank you so much Sumeet!” She hugs him tightly.

This time Sumeet too hugged her; he did not want to leave her at all. He silently prayed to the almighty to freeze that moment forever.

Their embrace was disturbed by a loud applause. Ayesha’s parents and her fiancé were seen on the stage and were calling her. She left Sumeet and ran towards the stage. The engagement ceremony takes place and Ritu goes and holds Sumeet’s hand tightly.

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