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A Better Place To Live – Garaj Baras Pyaasi Dharti – Insight

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Earth showers us with so many gifts every day, every minute. Exuberant rains, the full bloom of flora, the nurtured fauna, the flourishing soil, the fresh wafts of air. Provides with all that we need to live. Absolutely free of cost. Just like a mother. Does the Earth ask for any returns? Do we really care about what we can do in return? No!!!! Shouldn’t her well being be one of our major concerns? Specially when we know we belong to this Earth. Shouldn’t we pledge for some reciprocation? The Earth needs us and we need her. The most valid and powerful thing we can do is showing our gratitude to her. Gratitude by far is the most powerful form of love, reciprocation.

Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not for every man’s greed!! – Mahatma Gandhi

Let us not be greedy. We celebrate Earth Day on 22nd April which signifies our support for environmental protection. How can we do that? How can we make Earth a better place to live? While we ponder on this, we can take some help from a beautiful ghazal by Nida Fazli, rendered by Jagjit Singh (Album – Insight). Staying simple is the easiest and the best way. Pledge to make our Earth a beautiful place, a better place.

Garaj baras pyaasi dharti par
Phir paani de maulaa
Chidiyon ko daane
Bachchon ko gud-dhaani de maulaa

Let there be thundering, lightening for the rains to arrive. The Earth is parched and its basic necessity is water. O lord, let there be ample water on Earth. Let there be enough grains and millets for the birds to feed on. Let there be healthy simple sweetmeats available to all the children. Let people be satisfied with simple things in the world.

Do aur do ka jod hamesha
Chaar kahan hota hai
Soch samjhne walon ko thodi
Nadani de maulaa

Life is not all about calculations. One can’t find reasoning in everything that happens. It is good if we are not judgemental about the things around us. It is good if we do not analyse every situation. Being innocent as child, staying as naive as a child, being as pure as a child is always good. Let some innocence and purity prevail.

Phir roshan kar zehar ka pyala
Chamka nayi salibein
Jhooton ki duniya mein sach ko
Tabani de maulaa

Let people once again be as courageous and loyal as Socrates (like he drank the poison), let people be braveheart to carry their own cross (like Jesus did) and be responsible. In today’s world which is full of lies, let the truthful and honest person shine.

Phir moorat se bahar aakar
Chaaron oar bikhar jaa
Phir mandir ko koi Meera
Deewani de maula

Let there be selfless devotion for the sake of love and devotion only and not any selfish motive. Let there be so much love for you, O lord, that it will compel you to come out of your hidden grove. Let your love help us enlighten ourselves.

Tere hote koi kisi ke
Jaan ka dushman kyun ho
Jeene waalon ko marne ki
Aasani de maulaa

Today mankind is all about destruction. Be it his own brethren or neighbour or even a stranger, enmity, conflict and discord dominates the society. People are killed for petty reasons or no reason at all. Let there be peace on this Earth. Let the egos mellow down. Let there be no wars. O lord, let everyone here experience a natural death. Let the death be simple too!!
So much to say about mankind. And Nida Fazli has put it so perfectly in simple words. Jagjit Singh’s music and rendition is as if sailing, easy going. A perfect example of beauty with simplicity. Hasn’t someone said correctly – Simplicity is the essence of happiness!!!

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