Shades of Life Seen Through Songs of Jagjit Singh by a Music Lover

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Music is an integral part of my life as is with many of my friends here. Music is like meditation for me. It is the only universal language that binds people from different corners of the globe. Music as we know is a vast subject. There is mathematics and grammar in music too. It is the perfect blend of correct sur, voice throw, modulation, diction and above all, correct emotional expression. Unless we know all of it, we cannot become a good singer like Jagjitji. My favorite singer, with his distinct voice and perfect diction; became a rage amongst music buffs.He is actually credited for the revival and popularity of ghazals by choosing poetry that was relevant to the masses. He was able to communicate ghazals because of his beautiful voice and amazing rendering. He knew the poetry very well,the significance of verse and weight of each word and how to present it… you may easily get what I meant by listening to this beautiful song.

Koi ye kaise bataye

He did full justice to the poetic writings of Shiv Kumar Batalwi, Sudarshan Fakri and Nida Fazli sahab. His association with Gulzaar sahab gave us few gems from Gulzar’s epic T.V. serial MIRZA GHALIB and in later years (1991), his and LataMangeshkar’sjoint venture SAJDA stole his fans’ hearts with some emotional numbers-

And afavourite from Sajda-

Mehndi Hassan sahab was his inspiration.So I started listening to his compositions as well and realized why Jagjitji held him in such high regard.I started finding solace while listening to Jagjitji’s voice in different shades like romance,ghazals, devotional, folk as well as classical. Every shade created a beautiful painting on the canvas of my mind and soul. I still remember the day when I heard him singing…udo na kaga…..that gave a kind of peace n calmness to me…. I listened to same song throughout the day…..

While people of my age listened to all romantic numbers of the time, I was learning an entirely different genre of music with my favourite singer. Not only music, but he taught me so many lessons to face life’s challenges with strength n dignity. He took the major event of his life, the untimely death of his son Vivek in a positive manner. When his wife Chitraji quit singing, he made it his strength and moved on.This was the biggest lesson for me….I learned that you have to live your life in any way possible but it is up to you, whether you surrender or face it with all positivity. We can’t avoid few things or events as they are destined….but atleast we can add few coloursby our constant positive efforts. This gave me the courage n confidence to cope up with the untimely death of my father and momentary disturbances in life afterwards. Though the anguish, the pain of memories, the grief stayed with me,but his singing gave me all support,encouragement and strength. With Jagjitji, I experienced all emotions vizromance,joy,sorrow,lonelinessand spirituality and truly speaking, I transformed to a better person, stronger than ever before!

Another major positive change occurred to me while listening to Nida Fazli’s poem in his voice….

apna gham leke……ghar se masjid haibahut door….kisi rote hue bachche ko hansaya jaye

What a pious thought

After listening to this I realized life is not only about living for your own but it gives you more pleasure if you live for someone else too…..thanks Jagjit Ji for what all you have done unknowingly to influence others’ life for their betterment. He taught me to keep an element of innocence and wonder alive within me even in my dark phase of life that is why you always find me smiling. For me, my day will be fruitful even if I am able to put smile on one face. Thanks to Admins for giving me the name SUNSHINE. My mantra for all…..muskurakar mila karo humse

And finally a day arrived after a long wait when I was finally going to meet my hero. He came to Gurgaon for a concert just a few months before his death. My husband arranged for the tickets and gave me the biggest surprise of my life.Atlast, my DREAM COME TRUE. I was on cloud nine…thanked my husband a million times…..

I don’t have exact words to express my emotions when I saw him appearing onstage. I was constantly smiling, sitting,carefully listening to each and every word,tears rolling down my cheeks, eyes wide open….not to miss a single glimpse of him, spent two and a half magical hours of life…during one of the break….I went to meet him backstage, everything happened as it was happening to someone else…I was speechless,completely mesmerized by his charm,people were asking thousands of questions…. soon I was cornered by the crowd…but he acknowledged my presence as if he knew what was going on in my mind. He came to me and asked my name and a few more questions which I answered unconsciously smile emoticon as I was listening to this

He shared that he was trying to make content of Ghazals meaningful, related to everyday life. According to him ghazals are emotions of joy and sorrow, with a human touch. He made a promise to sing till his last breathe which he indeed kept.

In 2011, he was due to perform with Ghulam Ali Ji in Mumbai, but suffered a cerebral hemorrhage on 23rd Sep,2011. He was in a coma for two weeks and died on 10th of October, 2011. The whole nation mourned…but that was also destined for him. I decided to keep him in my good memories, to share what I learnt from him with others……We will miss him…….The significance of the song from Sajda is clear in my mind now……….

Jakarjahan se koi….. wapasnahihaiata….. wo kaunsijagahhai……

I still hope that maybe one day he will come n sing……..

idhar se gujratha…… socha……

Few recommended shades of his paintings for all of you-






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